You can access multi-node features with a Grow or Scale plan. See details.

With multi-node features, you can view and manage your antlets all in one view.

Add a Node

To add a node, click your node name on the sidebar, as shown below, and click "Add new node."

Fill out the form below and click "Add node" to connect to the other node.



Host URL

URL to connect to antMan on the node (e.g., , http://example.local)


Username on the node


Password for the Username

Name (Alias)

The name you assign this node that will be displayed on antMan

Switch Nodes

Once configured, you should be able to see the alias of the new node when you click on the node name.

To switch to that node, and view antlets on that node, click on the new node. You should see an alert like the one showed below.

You will now be able to see antlets that are on the other node. You can manage the antlet just like you would if you were also on that node.

See All Antlets

To see every antlet on all configured nodes, click "All antlets" like shown below.

You can now manage all your antlets on all your configured nodes. Start, stop, reboot (and more) antlets across nodes with ease.

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