Antsle Nano Setup

Getting started with the Antsle Nano

Congratulations! You're a proud owner of the Antsle Nano 🎉

Get your Nano Ready

1. Unpack your new Antsle Nano

2. Use a LAN cable to connect the Antsle Nano with your router

3. Double-check that the SD card is inserted properly

4. Connect the power adapter

As soon as the Nano has power, it will automatically boot up - no need to press a power button.

Log in to antMan and Register your Nano

Do not disconnect power during first boot

While booting for the first time, the Antsle Nano finishes the edgeLinux installation by itself. That process may take up to 15 minutes. During this time, please do not unplug the power chord or your Nano may fail to boot.

Windows user? Install Bonjour Print Services or iTunes. (Read why)

Open a browser and go to http://myantsle.local

Login with username: 'root' and password: 'antsle'

Trouble getting the login screen? Try adding port 3000 to the URL: Use http://.local:3000, or if you know the IP address: http://x.x.x.x:3000

On Boarding

You should now be presented with the on-boarding screen:

Choose "New Antsle hardware" and follow the instructions.

When prompted for your e-mail address enter the address used to purchase your Antsle so that we can verify your order. If you need to use another email address for some reason, please contact support.

You will receive an email with a list of Antsle serial numbers associated to your email. Enter the token for your serial number which is printed on the delivery note which came in the box with the Nano.

If you see a table with more than one entry, look for a serial number that begins with `3000-` (the prefix used for Nanos) and enter the corresponding token. DO NOT use the same serial-number twice, or it will invalidate your license.

You'll be asked to register your device with antHill. antHill is a central account, hosted on Antsle which is used to link ownership of your physical servers to a single profile. antHill allows you to restore backups between servers and also is where you manage your subscriptions, or can get support.

After you finish the onboarding process, wait a few minutes for antMan to restart, login again and you should now see the following:

Last but not least...

AntMan will now show you the dashboard and you can start creating antlets! To make sure the installation was successful, you can go to Settings > System Information and review the serial number.

We strongly advise you to change your root password after the setup is complete. To do that, click the user icon in the top right corner and go to Settings.

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