Configure IP Addresses

The Network page allows you to configure IP addresses, default gateway, DNS and the antlets internal network IP address.

Click the 'Edit' button to configure the IP address of an interface. This is set to DHCP by default. To configure a static address select Static from the 'Type' dropdown and enter the IP address and mask in their respective fields.

If you configure a static IP address, scroll down and set the default gateway, choose the gateway interface and enter the DNS server addresses.

The 'Base IP' is the internal network address for the antlets - 10.1.1. by default. This network is an internal NAT'ed network and must be different than network the antsle is plugged into. When setting this field include the trailing period.

On this page you can also set an Http(s) proxy.

Click 'Save Network Defaults' and click the 'Restart Now' button if prompted. Log back into antMan within 30 minutes to confirm the new network configuration is good. If you do not confirm within 30 minutes the antsle roll back to the last configuration.

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