Self-Managed Restoration (Beta)

We are currently working on an easier way to restore for self-managed backups for another machine. For now, you can use these instructions for restoring your antlets from self-managed storage.

  • Create a new antlet with any configuration and template but with a different name than the original antlet

  • Click 'Backup Now'

  • Click 'Import Self-Managed backup (Beta)'

  • The Backup ID can be found in the backup file name

  • Enter the path to the directory containing the backup file

root@myantsle: # ls /seagate/self-managed
  • After the backup is retrieved, click the 'Restore' button

  • Enter the name of the antlet being restored - this will create a new antlet from the backup

  • Select the correct antlet 'Type' of the backed up antlet - LXC or KVM

  • Click the 'Create antlet' button

  • Delete the antlet used to facilitate the restore.

If restoring a backup from edgeLinux 0.x.x to edgeLinux 2.x.x, upgrade to antMan version 3.3.1 or greater. If you 'Delete' or 'Delete local' the self-managed backup, either of these will delete the backup file.

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