Installing edgeLinux on Oracle VirtualBox

Oracle VirtualBox is a free open-source software that allows one to run virtual machines. You can run edgeLinux and antMan using VirtualBox.

1) Download antMan from link below or from antHill:

2) Oracle VirtualBox is available for several platforms and can be downloaded here:

3) After downloading Oracle VirtualBox, install on your platform and then create new Virtual Machine.

4) Create new virtual machine by clicking on New button. Select Linux for type and Fedora (64-Bit) for version. Click on Next.

5) Select at least 4,096MB or more for Memory. Click on Next.

6) Select on "Create Virtual Disk now" and then click on Create.

7) Select on VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) and then click on Next. (Other formats may work but it's been tested and working on VMDK format).

8) Click on "Dynamically allocated" and then click on Next.

9) Allocate at least 100GB or more for virtual disk. Click on Create.

10) Go to Settings on your virtual machine. Click on Storage. Click on CD-ROM. Select Choose a disk file... Select edgeLInux-x.x.x.iso (where x.x.x is the current version). Click on OK.

11) Click on Settings - System - Processor tab. Make sure that Enable PAE/NX and Enable Nested VT-x/AMD -V are selected. Click on OK.

12) Click on the Start button. Follow directions to complete installation:

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