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Log in to the edgeLinux OS

Access the edgeLinux OS terminal

There are several ways you can access the edgeLinux OS terminal
  • In AntMan (vers. 0.9.1)
  • via SSH
  • Connect a keyboard and monitor
  • IPMI: see the setup page
  • Click the '>_Console' link in the main menu.
Prior to antMan 0.10.0 You are prompted to enter your root username.
Now you have access to the EdgeLinux command line.
You can SSH to the edgeLinux OS in the following ways
Using the private IP address of the antsle
Using antsle_name.local
replace 'myantsle' with the name of your antsle
With an subdomain

SSH Tools

In case you are not familiar with ssh, it's very easy to use with many excellent tutorials out there.
MacOS and Linux: SSH is built-in and run with the terminal Windows: For Windows you can use packages like PuTTY or MobaXterm.
Or try WSL, aka: Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. This seems to work well but will not resolve .local domain names.

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