antHill and Account Management

First things first. You gotta register on antHill if you haven't already. You'll be asked to register when you log in to antMan for the first time. You can always register now if you didn't do so before.

Here are some important things you can do on your antHill account.

Manage your Antsle ownership

You register your Antsle on antHill to claim ownership. This comes in handy when you have backups taken by one Antsle server that need to be restored to another. One way they sync up is through antHill recognizing the same owner on both servers.

If you ever sell or otherwise dispatch an Antsle server from your service, you should delete it from your antHill account.

Get Support

You have a support portal on antMan where you can open a ticket...but what if you can't get to antMan? Log in to antHill and click the support button to get help.

Manage your Subscriptions and Payment Methods

Head over to your billing account on antHill. Here are some important actions you can take in your billing account.

  • Update billing address and payment methods

  • See your billing history for subscriptions (this may not include server purchases from our ecommerce store)

  • See your plan information and details

  • Cancel your antMan subscription

Assign Subscriptions to Your Servers

Click on the Subscriptions tab to see any available subscriptions and assign them to a server. Changing which server a subscription is assigned to can be done by sending a message to Just tell them the subscription (as seen in screenshot below) and the serial number of the server you would like to assign it to.

Instant SSL

Check out this doc article on how to give your antlet a cool domain name via instant SSL.

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