Protector Mode

Extra powers for cyber security professionals using antMan a fast and flexible test lab.

The Protector Mode is available to all users with antMan Grow or Scale. To enable Protector Mode, head over to settings in your left hand menu. Scroll down to preferences and toggle switch from off to on.

Group Management for Antlets

The first new power that comes in Protector Mode is managing antlets as a group. You can select multiple antlets and perform common actions on them:

  1. Start

  2. Stop

  3. Restart

  4. Delete

  5. Take snapshot

  6. Restore to last snapshot

The action you choose will only affect the applicable antlets. For example, if you choose start, it will start only the antlets that are stopped.

The group rollback action takes each antlet back by one snapshot, it does not take roll it back to the last group snapshot.

What's Next for Protector Mode?

Here are some of the exciting new capabilities that are in the pipeline.

  • Create templates based off a group of antlets and their networking schema.

  • A community template hub where verified users can make their templates and group templates available to other Antsle users.

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