Antlet Details

The antlet details contains several tabs to configure various options. Click the antlet name in the list of antlets to enter this dialog.

General Tab

The General tab gives you some general information about the antlet - Creation date, storage info and the template it was created from. Here you can change the antlet attributes - RAM, vCPUs, IP address, add a description and set the Autostart property..

The Storage limit only applies to LXC antlets. By default an LXC antlet does not have a limit on its storage capacity. A KVM antlet will display the vDrive size in this field which can be changed in the Virtual Drives tab.

The Description field is a place to add notes about the antlet. This will be displayed in a popup when hovering the cursor over the antlet name in antMan.

Autostart sets the antlet to automatically start when the Antsle boots up.

Click the 'Update properties' button if you make any changes. The antlet must be Stopped to edit the RAM, vCPUs or the IP address.

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