Setting Up Shared Storage Volume

How to access a network share

If you have a shared network volume like a NAS you can mount it directly in edgeLinux allowing you to read and write data to it. This is especially useful if you want to use it as a backup location for your antlets or simply want to access the data on the drive. These commands require the attached storage to be shared via smb. Most shared network volumes based on Linux or Windows use smb by default, but it may need to be enabled.

First, make sure you have a directory on your edgeLinux server where you can mount your shared network volume. To create one, simply type mkdir -p /mnt/networkshare. You can choose any path and folder name you'd like.

Once you have the folder on your Antsle, you'll also need the IP address of your network share plus the user and password to log in.

For our example, let's assume the IP address of your network share is and your username simply user.

With that information, you can substitute the data in the command below:

mount -t cifs -o username=user,password='P@sswrd123!' // /mnt/networkshare

Make sure to substitute 'user' with the share's (e.g. NAS) username. Use single quotes around the password. Set the local path /mnt/networkshare to any (empty) directory on your Antsle.

After running the command, the drive and it's contents will be available under the specified folder (in the example /mnt/networkshare). Now you can use the share to automatically save backups using antMan.

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