My RAM meter is showing higher usage than expected. Why?

Antsle's file system is based on ZFS which include powerful features to speed up your servers. It creates a very fast cache located in the server’s memory (RAM), called an ARC cache. The size of the ARC cache can range from 30% - 90% all of unused RAM. It is released back to your antlets as soon as it's needed for other applications. ZFS prioritizes the content that is both used most frequently and common across your virtual machines (for example, if you have many antlets based on a single template). This speeds up as many of your antlets as possible.

With the ARC cache your servers run faster but your RAM can look like it is always near MAX utilization. We are currently working on an update that will allow us to dynamically determine the amount of RAM being utilized for the ARC cache and deduct that from the total so you see your "true" RAM usage.

IPMI Questions

How do I set up and access IPMI?

Read this article in the docs

Do I run ethernet from the IPMI port to the router, or is the Ethernet cable not needed once the IPMI is configured properly?

The IPMI shares the connection as your Antsle on br0. It acquires an IP address from DHCP and no other cable is necessary. If you configure a static IP address in the BIOS, that address is applied to the dedicated IPMI port and is not shared with the br0 interface.

Can I access the IPMI at anytime or do I need to do this during the reboot?

You can access the IPMI anytime even when the antsle is turned off.

Is this a LAN only access, or can I access from the outside using any network?

They will not be available over the internet unless you do a port-forward on your router.

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