NOTE: The antMan REST API is experimental with no guarantees and may change at any time.

You can view the swagger-ui using the following url


If you have renamed your antsle, replace 'myantsle' in the URL with the name of your antsle - or the antsles private IP address.
The URL (localhost:4444) in the following images is unique to our lab setup.

antsle swagger ui

First you need to authenticate and receive an access token

Open the 'auth' section

antsle swagger auth section

And open the /api/login section

antsle swagger auth section
Click in the 'Example Value' box to populate the 'Bodyxxx' field.
Edit the values of the json object with your antlse's username and password.
Click 'Try it out!'

This will give you an example cURL command to authenticate and retrieve an access token.
The 'Response Body' field contains your access token

antsle swagger auth section

In subsequent calls you would add an 'Authorization' header to the cURL command with your access token.

--header 'Authorization: Token eyJhbGciO...'
curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/octet-stream' --header 'Authorization: Token eyJhbGciO...'