Known Issues

Virtual disks on LXC antlets will not auto-mount with 'fstab'
See the work around in the Virtual Drives page under 'Mount the vDrive automaticlally on reboot'.

KVM antlets will not auto-start. (Fixed in antsleOS 0.5.0)

vncConsole clipboard does not work

.local names are not advertised. (Fixed in antMan 0.8.1c)
Enabling all four bridge ports causes the avahi (mDNS) service to stop advertising .local names/IP addresses. This means the URLs myantsle.local and antletX.local will not work.

Cloning an antlet with a virtual NIC clones the MAC address also
After cloning an antlet with a virtual NIC.. the virtual NIC on the new antlet will have the same MAC address of the original antlet virtual NIC.