Create and Manage an Antlet

In antMan, click the 'Create' button.

It will ask you for the details:

Fill in the Antlet info




Enter a unique name for the new antlet


Select a template from the list of templates. Click the 'Add more' option to download additional templates.


Select the amount of RAM


Select the number of vCPUs


This is the last number in the IP address for this antlet. It will automatically populate with the next available address. The range is 10-210.


Select the storage pool the antlet will be created in.


Turn compression on or off for an individual antlet. Compression is off by default.

Click the "Create Antlet" button and the antlet will appear in the list of antlets.

Congratulations! You just created your first Antlet 🎉

Manage your Antlet

Controlling the Antlet at a glance

In the antlet listing in antMan you can perform the following functions:

  • Open the antlet details (click the name of the antlet)

  • Start, Stop, Reboot and Delete the Antlet

  • Clone the Antlet

  • Pause or Force stop the Antlet

  • Open the antlet VNC Console (KVM antlets only)

Note: Reboot is an OS reboot of the antlet. The antlet itself does not Stop then Start.

Start, Stop or Reboot your Antlets from the Overview-page