Install OS from .iso

With the introduction of antMan 0.9.0 we can install an operating system from an installation .iso.

First create a new antlet using the 'Blank-virtio - KVM' template for flavors of Linux or the 'Blank - KVM' template for other OS'es.

Create a Blank antlet

Then enter the antlet details dialog by clicking the name of the antlet.

Click the antlet name

Select the 'Virtual Drives' tab and click the 'Import disk' button.

Import disk

Upload the installation .iso file by dragging it to the drop zone and check the 'Add as CDROM' checkbox.

Upload the iso file

When the upload is complete, click the 'Import' button. The new disk will now be displayed in the list.

iso disk displayed in list

Start your antlet and open the 'vnc Console' to run through the installation.

Start the vnc console