Factory Reset

Note: Do NOT run this on the antsle XD models.
Only run the factory reset as a last resort and if already on antsleOS 0.5.0. This will reset antMan to 0.8.1c and wipe the zpools so you will lose your antlets.

To do a factory reset first ssh to the antsle and run the following commands:

wget -N http://central.antsle.com/bin/aosupd-0.5.0
chmod a+x aosupd-0.5.0
./aosupd-0.5.0 --factory-reset

After the installation finishes and reboots we need to import the 'antlets' zpool.

zpool import antlets

If you have the hdd addon then import the 'hdd' zpool as well

zpool import hdd

You can verify with

zpool list