Setting up your new antsle

You’re a proud new antsle user, congratulations!

Setup is easy! Actually, it’s super easy. Here’s our famous three minute installation process:

1. Unpack your antsle.

We hope you like our packaging! 🙂

Look for a nice place in your office or home to place your antsle. Make sure your new, 100% silent antsle is visible so you can enjoy looking at her beautiful design all the time.

2. Connect Power and Network.

Important: Make sure you connect your LAN cable to the correct LAN port on the backside of the antsle, as depicted.

Just connect the other end of the LAN cable to a free LAN port on your router.

Power on your antsle and allow a few minutes for the boot process.

3. Go to http://myantsle.local

Use your regular PC or Mac to control your antsle. Anything that has a web browser works.

Windows user? Install iTunes. See why.

Go to http://myantsle.local

Login with username: root, password: antsle (see Default Passwords page)

Trouble getting the login screen try this.

Use antman™ (antlet manager) to create a few antlets.

4. Rename your antsle

If you have more than one antsle on the same subnet you must rename them so each antsle has a unique name. With a single antsle, this step is optional.

Connect to the antsle via ssh and run the 'name-antsle' command

name-antsle newname

Replace 'newname' with your prefered name.

That’s it! You can now use your antlets! Expected more steps? Sorry to disappoint. 🙂

Some exciting videos are next! We invite you to watch our popular FreedomCasts. They will show you in an entertaining manner how easy it is to master some real-life situations with your new antsle.

Problems? Check our troubleshooting page.

In case you have any questions or comments, please email us. Don’t hesitate, we’re friendly.